Spring Green Risotto Revisited

All of us have recipes on "the rotation" that we enjoy over and over again.  We also have recipes that make their way to the rotation but are prepared less frequently.  I guess a good question is, "How often do we revisit recipes before they are considered part of the rotation?"  I haven't really given a great deal of thought to that question.

While considering it I found myself categorizing the rotation...there are the seasonal repeats, then there are the quick repeats that require minimal effort on the cook's part, anytime of year repeats, cooking for a crowd repeats, it could go on and on I guess.  So, I don't think I can really answer the question without things getting convoluted!

Last week, though, I remembered a recipe that I had vowed to make again.  It was the Spring Green Risotto that I had made last year.  It is a wonderfully creamy dish with spring vegetables...peas and asparagus along with another favorite of mine, leeks!  It is a great dish but as a warning....do the prep.  This isn't a dish that one can start and then remember that the fennel isn't chopped, the chives aren't  chopped and the chicken broth is MIA!

This is a Barefoot Contessa Back to Basic's recipe that is so very tasty.  It yields quite a bit so we shared with the neighbors that evening.  They shared with us, too.  My neighbor dubbed the evening as an over the fence potluck!  We always meet each other at the side fence to do our borrowing and sharing.   I loved tasting her dish.  She made a wonderful polenta with mushrooms and a Tuscan chicken...yum.

The recipe for the risotto is here on last year's post.  The timing in the recipe is generous.  I think the key to the preparation is ladling the broth in a little at a time and stirring until it is absorbed before adding more broth.  It seemed to come together quickly.


  1. That does look great, plenty of seasonal veggies:@)

  2. We are nuts about Risotto and yours looks exactly the way we like it..How pretty w/ the green swiss dots!

  3. This looks marvelous! I love risotto and Ina's recipe with all the green veggies is very summery.

  4. This is such a wonderful recipe, and your timing is perfect. Both fresh peas and asparagus are available at the farmer's market now.

  5. Making risotto is not as difficult as they make it out to be and it worthy the effore. Love all of the Spring flavours here!


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