Summer Fresh Caprese Salad

Is the summertime heat getting you down?  Have you been avoiding the kitchen?  Are you searching for something fresh and easy that does not involve your oven or cooktop?  Well, these little nibbles just might be the answer to your appetizer or light salad quest.

This salad appealed to me on many different  levels.  First, we were having some friends over for an "appetizer" dinner, kindof....   On occasion we get together for an evening of simple food, wine and conversation so I needed an easy to do appetizer salad to serve.  

It had to involve basil since it was flourishing and needed trimmed. This was new for me, the herbs at my house are finally having a great year.  I have been happily pinching, watering and loving my basil!  Normally, my basil plants do not flourish.  The grasshoppers always enjoy the basil more than I do!  Not this year!

And, it was hot so I didn't want to heat up the kitchen!  I had seen this simple appetizer at Aimee's blog from Chapel Hill to Chickenville and knew that it would be perfect.

Summer Fresh Caprese Salad 

Small cherry tomatoes (I used some beautiful grape tomatoes)
Buffalo mozzarella
Fresh basil
Balsamic vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Toothpicks or small skewers

Slice the mozzarella into cubes making the cubes close in size to the tomatoes.  Pull the leaves of basil  from the stems.  Fold larger leave over when you skewer them.  Selecting leaves that you do not have to cut down makes a "prettier" salad.  Thread each skewer with a tomato, a chunk of cheese and a basil leaf and repeat.  Leave enough skewer showing at each end so that they can be handled easily.

Place the completed skewers on a platter.  Drizzle the appetizer lightly with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Taste to adjust the dressing.  


These were the perfect summertime fresh and tasty salad appetizer!  Your guests will thank you!  The pictures were taken prior to the dressing being added...I made them ahead and preferred to drizzle the dressing just before serving.


  1. That is so cute..My daughters make this a lot..and I had seen them again on Pinterest.You did them beautifully~
    WE all have our littles pests:)I can just see yours jumping up:..

  2. Very pretty! Everything's more fun on a stick:@)

  3. The snails found my basil. Bah! I've got one plant left, but it's not as grand as the ones the snails destroyed. Love Caprese sticks. They're fun finger food, and have all my favorite flavor combos. C'mon over to Monterey. It's 68 degrees here!

  4. Love, love the presentation on these. Will be stealing this idea.

  5. I really like your presentation Kathy

  6. What a beautiful and fun presentation of food!


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