The Great Egret

Have you seen the large white birds along the edge of a lake or in a marsh? Have you noticed how patient they are? It seems as though they can stand on the edge and gaze into the water for hours. On a recent trip to the lake I watched a Great Egret search for fish. He stood quietly and it seemed as though he was frozen in time until he quickly snatched a fish from the water.

Take a look through the can see him standing and waiting...waiting...waiting...

Do you know about the Great Egret? The egret is actually a large white heron. They are easily recognized by their long black legs and yellow bill. The Great Egret lives in shrubs and trees near water. They feed in marshy areas, lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, flooded fields...wherever there is water, they are usually there.

They stand perfectly still, patiently waiting...watching...watching...

Watching for an unsuspecting fish to snatch.

Being less patient, it was time to say good bye to the egret and the rolling green hills surrounding the lake.

It is Outdoor Wednesday and it was a sunny day. Please visit all of the other folks who have gotten tired of being cooped up and are sharing their outdoor experiences today. Susan at A Southern Daydreamer is hosting Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. These are interesting birds to watch. You provided some great shots and scenes of them.

  2. Great post. Here, where I live, I see Blue Herons...great big birds who also stand patiently,waiting.Grin. Thanks for sharing photos.

  3. I see them in Fl..I LOVE them.. some look like old people.. some have bad hair days in the wind..most stare at the water..What are they thinking of? I love their long legs..:)

  4. There are a lot of egrets in south Florida. You're right - they are amazingly patient.

  5. Great post. I think that the only animal without patience is 'man'. Good lessons to be learned from our animal and bird friends.

  6. A wonderful and amazing scenes!
    Lovely captures.
    Great post!
    Have nice day.

  7. Love your photos, esp the first one! Beautiful!

  8. Wonderful pictures. The egrets are in our backyard here in Florida. I love to go on nature walks and see the mangificent birds and alligators. You live in a beautiful area.

  9. Wonderful photos of one of my favorite birds. We have all kinds of herons here in Florida. I love photographing them on the beach, but you'll find them in our yards also, they love feasting on the little lizards who help keep our bug population down. So, I always shoo them away and tell them to get back to the beach, lol.

  10. Egrets are so beautiful and graceful - love 'em. It's 6 degrees here in Michigan so there isn't a living creature of any kind to be found outside! Sorry to be so late in visiting you for Outdoor Wednesday. Have a great weekend...Kathy

  11. great big birds who also stand patiently,waiting.Grin. Thanks for sharing photos.

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  12. Did you really get this close to him? Brava! They're gorgeous birds, aren't they? I love your photos of him.


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