Weekend Travels for Others!

The summer is a busy time for me at work. I rarely get a vacation....too busy during the summer and much to busy during the remainder of the year. There is something wrong with that picture! I am getting a few days to travel to the Pacific Northwest to visit family and friends. I am looking forward to it.

I do, however, long for the day when I can travel without thinking about getting back in time to prepare for this or that at work. When that day comes, I will try to learn how to relax! The travels do not have to be to places faraway but on occasion that would be nice.

My friend is in Lucca, Italy. She visited Cinque Terra today, a group of fishing villages along the Italian Coast. She was kind enough to make me more jealous by sharing a picture of her lunch with me!

This is a big weekend....my daughter, who is working in London at the moment, is spending this weekend in Madrid. She hasn't tortured me with any pictures of food, but she promises me some pictures soon.

I guess my time will be spent playing in the kitchen and just maybe there will be time to pick up a magazine or book!


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