The Daughter: Updating from London

Hiya, Kate's daughter reporting in from London!  I've had a great weekend in London getting out of my comfort zone. Yesterday I took the tube down to Kew and went to the National Archive to look at a few 16th century documents. I forget how beautiful the areas surrounding Kew are. No wonder the medieval kings of England had their get-aways there. As I walked to-and-from the archive there were a string of cats just waiting to be pet, and I (of course) obliged. The cats have it good since it's the main road used by all the people to get from the tube stop to the Archives.

Today I was invited to a friend's birthday luncheon, so I walked a
mile or so to Marylebone High Street, one my favorite shopping districts in London. It's a little too posh for its own good, but there's a wonderful farmer's market, an amazing cheese store, and some great food shops. Today, I visited Rococo Chocolates, a wonderful local chocolate shop. I picked out an assortment of truffles for my friend and they were wrapped up perfectly. I love the images on the boxes! She was generous to share a birthday chocolate with me, which happened to be a tea-flavored truffle. It
was lovely!

We met for lunch at a Sardinian restaurant aptly named Little Sardegna. It doesn't seem to have a website, but a review can be found here. I had a lovely pasta with clams with grated bottarga sprinkled on top. The bottarga provided a nice, salty flavor, but wasn't overpowering in the least. For dessert I had seadas, a Sardinian dessert that was delectable. It's basically fried dough filled with cheese and lemon zest and drizzled with honey. Yum. Here's a recipe in case someone wants to make it for me in the future!

(image credits: jobrocken and freak_irish_sister)


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