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Another German Potato Salad!

When I started to make German Potato Salad for dinner, the question, "Why do you want to mess  with your recipe?" came up.  Well, I am not really messing with my recipe, I am trying out one that was originally posted by Debby at A Feast for the Eyes .  It is an authentic Bavaria style potato salad recipe made by her Mutti every morning at her delicatessen. I was reminded that I had pinned this recipe when I saw the recent  post by Cathy at Wives with Knives .  It was a hit at Cathy's house and it was a hit at my house.  Mr. T must have told me at least four times how great the potato salad was!  That means, it is a repeat! Like Cathy, I have a German  Potato Salad recipe that we like.  In fact, it is the one dish that my dad would ask me to make for him.  His family is from Bavaria also...his eyes would light up when I said I was making German Potato Salad.  The recipes are similar but one has cooked onions and one does not.  In my mind one is for fall and winter

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