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For years we have traveled with friends to our favorite vacation spot, Siltcoos Lake, OR.  We love the many shades of green are there in Oregon?  At the lake there is time to fish, time to go crabbing, time to read the pile of books that accumulated during the last year...and yes, time to count the many shades of green! 

When we arrived at Florence, the nearest town, we were starved.  We tried a new restaurant, ICM (International C-Food Market).  I ordered the grilled fish tacos that came with salsa and Italian coleslaw...interesting combination of cuisines.  I had a vision of fish tacos...firm grilled fish with cabbage...I was starved! 

I hadn't expected the grilled fish to actually be fish stewed in salsa.  I put the Italian coleslaw in the taco shell.  (Italian meaning that it was prepared with a light oil and vinegar dressing.) The taco was saved by the spicy mayo based sauce that
came on the side.  It wasn't a California fish taco but I wasn't in California!

The next day's lunch was absolutely wonderful!  We drove south to Winchester Bay to check out the crabbing and of course to reminisce.  Times do change and when you haven't visited in a long time you learn that favorite places disappear and sometimes only a shell remains.

For lunch we stopped at the Crabby Cafe at Salmon Harbor.  We all ordered salmon.  What a delicious meal.  The salmon was perfect and served with homemade fries and yummy coleslaw.

We all cleaned our plates!  I will have to repeat this lunch.  Our vacation was off to a great start.  Now it is time to count the shades of green.


  1. It's always so sad when a favorite eating spot closes down. Looks delish. My favorite part of vacation is trying different eateries. I love it when the meal is a hit. Enjoy!

  2. It all looks so good! So many nice food memories hits when you go on vacation! Even the misses are memorable!

  3. Have you tried the Thai restaurant in Winchester Bay? In years past, it's been delish!

  4. I've been meaning to try Ina's scalloped tomatoes. Glad you did...looks delicious.

    The fortunate thing about both of us is we live in states that have marvelous seafood. So I always gravitate towards dishes like that. Sorry your favorite place is gone. So sad when that happens.
    But the meals you had really do look marvelous.

  5. That salmon looks fantastic, Kate. I love to stop at the little seafood restaurants up and down the coast. Some of them are so darn good. I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Yay!!!!!

  6. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm...........

  7. Sometimes you just can't "go home again" but I've found that when an old favorite leaves, I enjoy finding a new favorite. Good luck and happy travel.


  8. I love grilled fish tacos and that salmon dish - the simplicity of it is beautiful! I think I would like the Crabby Cafe! I'm off to the store soon and will be picking up some fish!


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