Cherries in Red Wine Syrup

I was catching up on reading blogs this week and came across an entry by Diane at 2 Stews.  She was discussing vanilla ice cream that she had made as well as a hot fudge sauce and cherries in wine syrup. She adapted a syrup recipe from David  I needed a dessert for the evening but since I was making a somewhat involved entre I didn't think I would have time to make my own ice cream. 

I had just gotten three pounds of cherries and after reading her post...well, I bought ice cream and made the Cherry Wine Syrup.

With one lick of the spoon, I was in epicurean heaven! 
If one lick of the syrup was delightful...
Oh my, I could hardly wait to put it on ice cream.

Guess what I am going to do with the remaining three pounds of cherries?  Yep, I am going to make some more!

Cherries in Red Wine Syrup
(Adapted from David

Makes 2 cups
1 pound fresh cherries, stemmed and pitted
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/4 cups red wine
2 teaspoons corn starch or potato starch
2 tablespoons red wine or 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon almond extract

Optional: 1/2 tablespoon kirsch liqueur

Put the cherries and sugar in a large, wide saucepan.

Mix one tablespoon of the red wine with the corn or potato starch in a small bowl until it's dissolved and set aside.

Add the rest of the wine and the vinegar to the saucepan. Bring the heat up to a boil, then reduce the heat so it's at a low boil and cook, stirring frequently, for about 12 minutes, until the cherries are completely wilted and softened through.

During the last moments of cooking, stir in the starch slurry and let the mixture boil the additional minute or so, to thicken the juices.

Turn off the heat and stir in the almond extract and kirsch, if using.

Storage: The cherries will keep up to one week in the refrigerator. They can be frozen for up to six months.


This was a delight on a warm summer evening.  What better way to end the work week than to treat yourself to ice cream with a special syrup!  Thank you Diane and David! 
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  1. Kate, Your photos are stunning! That looks delicious. I want to let you know that I found and made (and blogged about) your Malted Milk Ice Cream, the recipe you shared for last year's Ice Cream Social at Suzy's. It's fabulous!!! I have the post written but not posted yet - it will link to your site. Thanks for sharing some GREAT recipes, Kate!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Beautiful cherries! I have some in my fridge and am trying to decde what to do with them. This is a possibility. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I knew I should have bought the cherry pitter I saw advertised recently! I am loving the look of those cherries and red wine served over ice cream. Beautiful photos!

  4. This looks heavenly! I always look forward to cherry season and making a batch of cherries in wine syrup and freezing it would be a nice way to preserve them for later! Thanks!

  5. Delicious. I have never thought of having wine and cherries together but what a fabulous idea!

  6. I am following you back, I am your newest follower. You and I think too much alike. I read on Bramasole's blog that she had made a chocolate sauce for the Bing cherries and served it over ice cream. That was yesterday and today I got the cherries. I need lots of cherry recipes as the semi-dwarf tree has turned out to be a full sized monster!

  7. David Liebovitz has a great recipe similar to this. I am just struggling through a gallon of little sour cherries. They are a devil to pit. Tonight I cooked a bunch for juice to make jelly. I made some pitted sour cherries with a splash of red wine and a touch of balsamic vinegar. I'm sure they will be wonderful.

  8. Cherries are still abundant so bring on the wine syrup.

  9. Wow, this is just too good to pass up. Guess I better buy a cherry pitter today. Great photo, Kate.

  10. Looks delicious! Great pics!

  11. What a gorgeous dessert to serve at the end of a great meal. I love the contrast of the cherries and the ice cream. I wish I'd seen this when cherries were still under $2/pound!!

  12. Oh my, this looks delicious. Farmers' market tomorrow and there should be cherries. I'm planning to make some vanilla ice cream. Great timing!

    Stop by and take a chance on my blog anniversary giveaway!


  13. Oh wow, what a great sounding elegant little dessert. I'll have to pick up some cherries next week and try this. Its good to know it keeps well in the freezer.

  14. You got me on the almond extract. So making this!

  15. What an absolutely lovely dessert. I've bookmarked this. Bob loves cherries and he'll be in hog heaven when he gets a sample of these. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  16. These look amazing.. I love cherry anything and adding wine??? Perfect!!!
    So glad to drop by your blog.

  17. What a great topping for ice cream. I would never have thought of it.

  18. Oh Kate, this sounds fabulous. I just put up two jars of cherries following a Jacques Pepin recipe, but I have to wait a while for them. I'm bookmarking this to give it a try while the cherries are still at the supermarket. Thanks.

  19. WOW, this looks good. I don't usually do a lot with cherries but this is inspiring! :)

  20. That looks wonderful! I am so loving the cherry pitter I got, it works great!


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