The Ugly Duckling? No, this is a Goose!

 I was reminded of the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling on our drive from the lake into town for groceries.  For years I have observed the gorgeous Canada Geese that have been in the fields.  Today as we wove our way down the twisty road along the lake, it appeared that the Canada Geese had taken over somebody's dock.  They were quite comfortable there...and among them was one white domestic goose.  He looked like an outsider among the Canada Geese but they didn't seem to mind his being part of the group.  How did he come to be a part of the group?

The sad story:  The Kitchen Gnome told me that last year, somebody had gotten upset about the many ducks on the road and the mess that they were leaving.  He said that somebody had driven through the flock killing all of them except the white domestic goose.  I won't go into how I feel about that person...someday, he/she will have to answer for their cruelty.

Isn't it amazing the way that the goose was accepted?  The Canada Geese have young goslings and still allow the white goose to be part of the gaggle.

Below they are headed for a swim.

Best friends no matter their differences!

Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Wonderful photos. They are so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful sight. Photos are wonderful.

  3. He even stands on one foot when they do! I have no tolerance for animal cruelty. Karma, I say. And up north here in Canada, we call them Canada Geese. When I was in Tennessee they also called them Canadian Geese.

  4. It's truly a wonder that he was accepted into the flock. Nature is amazing.

    I have friends who live on a lake and their dock is beseiged with ducks and geese. As lovely as they are, they leave a terrible mess but there are humane ways of encouraging them to go elsewhere.
    One, which always surprises me, is to run string between posts. The ducks will not cross the string. (However the dock in your photo does not seem to have posts!)

  5. Lovely photos of the Canada Geese and friend :)

  6. Oh, Susan, thank you! I will make the correction. :)

  7. They are lovely. I can't believe someone would kill them just because. How awful.


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