Adas Polo o Morgh (Chicken with Lentil Rice) - Salt Fat Acid Heat #kitchncookbookclub

I meant well, but I never did invite guests for dinner, but, I do deliver. The recipes that I selected from Salt Fat Acid Heat yielded enough for the neighbors and the two of, it was surprise neighbors, I brought you dinner! The neighbors were thrilled and we were happy to share.
Salt Fat Acid Heat is great reading.  I tend to read a cookbook as one would read a novel.  The difference is that I stop along the way when I am reading a cookbook.  I had intended to read everything before doing anything and I tried. But, there were so many wonderful Facebook and Instagram posts going up in the group, that I just had to go for it.

I did read the section about SALT. It was the perfect section for me to read as I have always been on the timid side when it comes to salting. It took a lot of courage and a deep breath for me to taste and “add salt until the broth was saltier than the saltiest soup broth I had eaten.” But, I did it!! And, it worked! The rice and lentils were the most flavorful ever!   I learned something this week about using salt. I cannot be timid.  I must be bold!  
I prepared the Adas Polo o Morgh (Chicken with Lentil Rice) and the Persian Herb and Cucumber Yogurt. I selected it because I was intrigued by the story about the raisins and dates that had been sautéed in butter. Maybe intrigued is the wrong word…I was salivating! All I can say is wow! This dish was amazing. It was packed with flavor! Just when I thought it couldn’t be better, I added the dollop of Herbed Yogurt. The combination of flavors, well, it jumped off the charts. We were so excited about the tender chicken and the surprise bits of dates and raisins. Nirvana!

The question is, "Why is there a dish towel wrapped around the lid of the Dutch Oven?  Well, it was recommended so that the chicken, which had been fried briefly before being placed in the bed of rice and lentils, would not become soft.  The towel absorbs the moisture and prevents it from dripping back into the soggy chicken!  It was new learning for me.  Did it work?  Yep! 

Oh, what did the neighbors say? They turned in rave reviews. In fact, my neighbor is Armenian and her comment was that it reminded her of her grandmother’s cooking. High complement. She was so excited!

I am anxious to continue reading and cooking my way through the book!

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