Turkey Chili

I have rarely balked at change.  Change can be invigorating...it is most often challenging...and there is a sense of satisfaction when one achieves the end result.  Granted, since I have retired, change in my life has not been the steam engine that it used to be...steady and constant.  That said, change still presents itself...lately, in the technology arena.  I know, you can't imagine that technology could ever be a challenge....  "smile"  What's the issue?  I had to get a new computer which translates to, "I am trying to have an open mind and learn Windows 8."   I am doing pretty good....but, I haven't set up a Microsoft account....I am a Google girl....

Actually, Windows 8 is not the big problem....transferring files is the challenge....and I do not wish to buy the new software...alas, I must, which leads to the software changes....  You get the idea...

Since change was on my mind....I played with the chili recipe....chili is something that is easily changed and the results are always delicious and sometimes intriguing!.   The new Fine Cooking magazine featured an article on making Chili Your Way....it was like choosing your own adventure....select two items from this list, six from the next list....

In a nutshell here it is:

Kate's Turkey Chili

Meat:  Ground turkey
Flavor accents:  jalapeño (1), tomato paste (1 Tbsp), chipotle powder (1/2 tsp), oregano (2 tsp)
Liquids:  Beer (lager), chicken stock, water
Beans:  black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans
Vegetables: corn, tomatillos
Garnish: sour cream, cilantro, cheddar, chipotle salsa

The magazine broke it down into steps....

Step 1:  Brown the meat in a tablespoon of oil.  Salt and pepper the meat.  When browned, remove from pan and set aside.

Step 2:  Sauté the aromatics:  In a tablespoon of oil brown 2 cups chopped onion, 4 garlic cloves, chopped.  When soft, stir in 2 Tbsp chili powder, 1 Tbsp cumin and flavor accents.

Step 3:  Add the liquids:  Deglaze the pan with the beer.  Add the chicken stock and bring to a simmer.

Step 4:  Add beans:    Drain and rinse the beans.  Turn down the heat and add the beans as well as the meat and any juices.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  If the chili is too thick, add a little water.

Step 5:  Add vegetable:  Add 1 can of corn, drained and two tomatillos, chopped.

Step 6:  Finish the Chili:  Add fresh lime juice. (1 lime)

Step 7:  Garnish:  Add your favorites.  I used sour cream,, cilantro, cheddar cheese and a little chipotle salsa.


The chili was delicious...a hint of spicy and great flavors...that was the easy part.  The challenge was the photo program I was trying to use....


  1. Your chili sounds good and I agree, after 5 years I'm learning how to use a new computer, I'm on 8.1 now... deep breaths and plug on:@)

  2. I feel for you having to change to Windows 8. So far I haven't had too, but I dread the day. Chili is such a comfort and I really like the beer in it. I'm sure it will get you through the process.

  3. The chili sounds very nice Kathy. I have a new computer that hasn't been started up yet and it's Windows 8, which I'd fooled with on Madison's computer. Rather than embrace the change though, my buddy Joe is adding a program that allows windows eight to run in the background but it looks like Windows 7 to the user.

  4. Windows 8? what is that? hahahahaa..... Oh man, I know the time is coming when I too, will have to update my computer. I don't want to.

  5. Your chili sounds really good and I'll have to try it as we are trying to eat more turkey instead of beef. No Windows8 here, went to Macs instead.

  6. yum! this looks so good! thanks for sharing!


  7. I'm liking this recipe a lot. And love that photo with the green bowl.


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