Chicken Fajitas for The Secret Recipe Club

We have a favorite Mexican restaurant that we enjoying visiting...especially on Margarita night or on Friday's when it is Fajita night (once I discovered how great they are!)  I love the way that they are brought to the table on the cast iron grill and then there is the sizzling when the lime is squeezed over the chicken, peppers, tomato and onions!  What could be better than to end the work week with Fajitas and a Margarita?

While I enjoy fajitas, I had never made them until I was given by blog assignment for March for the Secret Recipe Club.  I was assigned Cook with Sara.  Sara lives in the midwest and began her love of cooking early, in elementary school with her then famous dessert, Cookie and Fruit Plate!  Sara loves to cook and bake...that is evident when you visit her blog.

Mr. T and I searched her blog looking for that special recipe!

As you can see we selected Sara's Chicken Fajitas!  I made a couple of changes from the original recipe. I omitted the cheese and added a few ingredients such as tomatoes, cilantro, avocados and guacamole!
With Mr. T out of town, I was cooking for one and adjusted the recipe accordingly.

Chicken Fajitas

1 clove garlic
1½ tsp seasoned salt
1½ tsp cumin
½ tsp chili powder
½ tsp crushed red pepper
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp lime juice

2 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
3 green bell pepper (I used 1/8 each of a green, red and yellow pepper.)
2 medium onions (I used about 1/4 of a medium onion.)
1 tomato, quartered
1 jalapeno, seeded and sliced
Flour tortillas, warmed in the oven of microwave for 30 seconds
Avocado slices and/or Guacamole, for topping
2 Tbsp chopped Cliantro, for topping
Salsa, for topping
Sour Cream, for topping
Shredded Mexican cheese, for topping,
1 lime, cut into wedges, juiced for topping

Combine all marinade ingredients in a small bowl.  Place the chicken in a resealable plastic bag and add the marinade.  Toss to coat and refrigerate for two to three hours.

Prepare the grill for grilling over medium heat.  (I was cooking for one so I used the George Foreman Grill, :-)

Place pepper and onions in a grill basket or foil packet.  Grill chicken for 6-8 minutes per side or until juices run clear.  (I checked and removed the chicken after 5 minutes in the GF Grill.)
Grill the vegetables for 10-15 minutes until tender.  I put 2 Tbsp oil in a skillet and when hot added the vegetables except for the tomatoes.  I cooked them until they were crisp tender and added the tomatoes just at the end to warm them.

Place the chicken and vegetables on a hot plate or a hot cast iron skillet, squeeze lime juice over the mixture and sprinkle with cilantro.  Serve immediately with warm tortillas and any of the accompaniments.


I loved the marinade ingredients and when Mr. T is here we will make these again.  I know he will be disappointed to have missed out because we selected the recipe together.  :-(  Next time, Mr. T.


  1. I love fajitas. My husband and I occasionally go to this fantastic Mexican restaurant to enjoy their fajitas with a Dos Aquis. Oh, heavenly. I love the flavors you have used it here too!

  2. Looks delicious! Fajitas are a favorite at our house. Yours rocks.


  3. Yum Yum on fajitas....One of my very favorite dishes...
    I love your colorful dish that you used to present the
    food on!! Great cooking club.,I can't believe I have missed
    this each time. I now have my afternoon all planned out...I'm gonna
    visit each of these places..
    thanks for posting..

  4. We LOVE chicken fajitas and yours look SO good - actually this could be dinner tonight!
    Mary x

  5. Yum Kate - these fajitas look fabulous! So colorful and flavorful looking - your additions and adaptions are great - I always look for ways to add extra veggies to my meals!

    And I LOVED having your wonderful blog for SRC! :)

  6. These look delicious! I love chicken fajitas and haven't made them in some time so I think I'll be trying this recipe for dinner soon. Excellent choice for SRC! :)

  7. I haven't made fajitas in a really long time, but it is definitely grilling weather here!

  8. I love having Mexican night at my house - great choice on the fajitas! Beautiful platter too btw!

  9. I have to try these, I always sway towards making tacos or enchiladas! They look really tasty. On my menu this week :)
    Take care..

  10. Mmm, I made fajita lettuce wraps not long ago, and you've got me craving fajitas again, these look so good!

  11. I'm so glad you made this and enjoyed it! That marinade for the chicken is one of my favorites ever!!

  12. This looks amazing, wish I had a big ole plate of them now! And, um... a margarita doesn't sound bad either:@)

  13. These look fantastic and who doesn't love a great fajita. It has been a while and you just reminded me how tasty they are . Glad to be part of SRC group C with you.

  14. I will try any fajita recipe, and yours looks amazing! I can't wait to try it!!

  15. Well, this beats the turkey sandwich I made for myself, while hubs was away at a meeting. I love me some good fajitas, and a margarita to wash it down. Beautiful colors, too!

  16. I often cook for just myself and love this kind of recipe that is so easy to adjust. I love all the yummy fresh flavors and feel like I'm eating a healthy meal. Great recipe choice, Kathy.

  17. Your plate of fillings looks down right delicious, love the char on the peppers and wish I was enjoying some right now.

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my Group 'A' SRC entry: Broiled Sushi.

    Cook Lisa Cook


  18. A yummy delicious recipe.I should definitely try this.
    Chicken fajita recipe


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