Rhubarb Love

I have loved rhubarb since I was a little girl. I remember that every Sunday the entire family went to Grandma's for dinner. There were ten children in my dad's family so this was not a small group! My job was to watch the pies that were sitting on the porch railing and let my grandma know when they were cool. I wonder what I did to get that job! I did get to sit in the big porch swing while I dutifully watched the pies.

There was nothing better than Grandma's rhubarb pie. Sadly, the recipe did not get shared so I have been on a quest for a rhubarb recipe that can be shared with the family and will take satisfy my hunger for great rhubarb.

Today I made Kristin's Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp at The Kitchen Sink. It was not overly tart or sweet. It was delicious! T loved the crunch of the oats in the topping. It is worth a repeat. We loved it.

At a family reunion last summer I got to go to Grandma's old house and sit in the old porch swing. There weren't any pies to watch cool but I did visit with cousins and we tried to figure out what it was that I could have done to be given the dubious honor of "pie watcher!"


  1. Kate--Congratulations on your new blog! I am new to blogging also and honored to be your first follower! Those first few were so encouraging to me and I would like to return the favor! You will meet so many talented, kind, and generous people in Blogland. Welcome!

  2. Susan - Welcome and thank you so much for the encouragement! I am still trying to figure everything else but I am motivated! I have observed how creative and talented everybody is.


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