Whoopie Do and Whoopie Pies for Me and You!!

What can I saw about Whoopie Pies?  Well, I think I judged without trying them...or I tried a very bad one.  The idea of a chocolate cookie/cake squishing marshmallow cream out the edges...well, it just didn't appeal.  That said,

I am rethinking my initial opinion!

It is a good thing to rethink on occasion....especially in this case!!

I love the Whoopie Pies I just made!  They were moist, they were light, the marshmallow cream wasn't so sweet that I cringed....it was perfect! This is me...the lady who gives her sweets away so that too many are not consumed by me....I am consuming the Whoopie Pies!!  Help is needed!

I would have never made Whoopie Pies if I had not had the good fortune to receive a few goodies in the mail from Solo!  If you recall, I made some Almond Crescent Cookies a few posts ago using Solo's Almond filling.  They were delicious.  I have been anxious to try out some of the goodies that I received.

Since we have been craving chocolate my daughter and I decided we would make the Whoopie Pies.

This was so quick and easy!  We were eating Whoopie Pies within the hour.  How great is that?!  This mix would be perfect for the young aspiring cook in your family.  There are two packages inside...the cake and the marshmallow filling.  Mix....bake....squeeze...watch the marshmallow cream ooze out the sides...yum!  So simple and so good!

I think, after I hike a few miles.....I will make some more!


  1. You forgot to mention the tall, cold glass of milk to make them go down even better!

    WooHoo for Whoopie!


  2. YUM-yummmy these look deeelicious!:)

  3. Chocolate and marshmallow! What's not to love. Solo fillings are great. I'll have to look for this easy way to make a special treat.

  4. I have never had one! I haven't seen that Solo filling, I have used the poppy seed filling for a Polish bread dh makes.
    They look yummy! Your flowers are making me jealous!


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