Streets of Strasbourg

While in Strasbourg, France I must have become fascinated by the streets, rooftops and doors...I say that based upon my pictures!  Today I am sharing the doorways that intrigued me for their age as well as variety in design and color.

The year above the doorway indicates when the building was constructed!  
1761!  Wow!

This date on this one is 1747!

The Strasbourg Cathedral is unbelievable!  It was constructed between 1284 and 1439 and is Romanesque and Gothic in design.  The spire extends upward 466 feet.

I am sending my walk to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

Thank you for hosting, Susan!


  1. I agree you found a lot of interesting and different style doors. There is a lot of neat things in France.

  2. Clap. Clapping. Still clapping. These photographs are really wonderful.
    Joyce M

  3. Kate - While visiting our military kids in Heidelberg, Germany about 10 years ago, we made a weekend trip to the Alsace-Lorraine region and visited this cathedral and as you said it was unbelievable. As an engineer, I always look at contstruction and was amazed that this could have been built back then. I'm enjoying your trip.

  4. What a beautiful area...all your photos are wonderful. I can only imagine all the history in that place and the many people who walked through those doors!

  5. My mouth is wide open! I can't tell you how beautiful I found your photos...amazing! I love the doors and the Cathedral is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  6. What a lovely place and I love the architecture.

  7. Fun, Kate. In Italy, I took photos of hidden niches everywhere. We even talked about doing a coffee table book! It would be fun with the doors, too, if you had enough of them.

  8. The architecture in Europe is stunning. Your photos are proof.


  9. Love the doorways and the windows in France. I have many pictures of them also.


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