Chicken Waldorf Salad

If wishing would make me ten pounds lighter I would be doing the happy dance right now.  If wishes would make me lose my sweet tooth I would continue that happy dance....Alas, wishes just don't seem to do it.  That left me searching for a light sandwiches layered with wonderful tasty meats, cheeses and secret lunch dates with Mr. T.  Those always lead to overeating.

As I thought about a lighter lunch, I remembered back to a really tasty salad that I used to make to take to work.  The recipe was part of the 40-30-30 Weight Loss Program.  Forty percent of your daily calories from  carbohydrates, 30% of your daily calories from protein and 30% from good fats (olive oil, avocados, almonds, fish, etc.)  The formula is a nutritional  ratio....balanced nutrition personalized to your  specific requirements....anyway,  I remembered the salad and I hope to remember some other lighter meals, too!

Chicken Waldorf Salad

4 oz. cooked chicken breast, cubed
2 Tbsp celery, diced
2/3 cup grapes, red or green, sliced
1 apple, medium, diced
2 Tbsp walnuts, chopped
1 1/2 Tbsp low fat mayonnaise
1/2 tsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper, to taste
3 leaves Romaine lettuce

Blend cooked chicken, celery, grapes, apples, and walnuts with mayonnaise and lemon juice.  Serve on romaine lettuce leaves.

On this day the lettuce at my house looked rather, romaine leaves next time.


This is a really filling and delicious light lunch...or dinner.

I am participating in Full Plate Thursday hosted by Miz Helen's Country Cottage as well as Foodie Friday hosted by Michael at Rattlebridge Farm and Seasonal Sundays hosted by The Tablescaper!


  1. You know what? ENJOY that sweet tooth..Enjoy your weight:)Life is too short and things can change in a heartbeat..Carpe Diem:)!!

    The salad looks amazing...Walnuts are so healthy!

  2. I love this kind of salad, Kate - fresh & delicious!

    I’m giving you the “One Lovely Blog Award.” Please stop by my blog to “pick it up.”

  3. Sure sounds great! Do we really even have to count the lettuce leaves too, dieting is just no fun:@)

  4. Absolutely a must try....this looks delicious..
    Sam and just finished eating turkey wraps in Romaine lettuce, but I really am thinking that this chicken salad recipe would be super delicious...


  5. We love waldorf salad and the addition of chicken makes an entree out of it. This is my favorite kind of summer meal.

  6. I haven't made a Waldorf salad since I don't remember when. Yours is so pretty.

  7. I've always enjoyed this dish and when working, for lunch, I'd often have a regular salad as the entree then a little of this for dessert. It looks excellent plated with the cukes and maters.

  8. Hi Kate,
    I just love this recipe, the yummy fruit with the chicken is one of my fav's! Hope you have a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  9. This looks really good Kate, something easy and delicious (and non-fattening) for me to take to work for my lunch.

  10. Looks so delicious and I always have the ingredients on hand...thanks for sharing your recipe. great pics.

  11. 3 leaves of lettuce, pulease can I have more? Lol
    It looks really good! Love those big fat grapes and apples!
    While we are wishing, I'll take 25 lbs gone! :)

  12. A great salad with lots of flavor and no fat...can't go wrong with that. Thanks for sharing

  13. I forgot to say I am your newest follower. I hope you come by to visit.

  14. I definitely need to be avoiding the sandwiches for something like this. It looks delicious!


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