Time Management and a Quick Dessert

Time management.  I think I need it.   I have not been very good about posting during the last month.  I have not been very good about visiting your blog.  (I know when I get to your blog I will have some good reading and cooking in my future!)  Where has the time gone?  It is May!  I thought back and realized that I didn't cook much last month.  I got home late on most days and there wasn't much energy left in me.  I wasn't eating right either...I seemed to grab something here and there and never really sat down for a home-cooked meal that I had prepared.  The Kitchen Gnome and my daughter helped out but I must admit that their schedules were as bad as mine!

I must also admit that I have been doing a few extra things along the way...I have two quilts going.  Working, quilting, cooking, blogging, meetings, exhaustion!!  That says it all.  Then there is the oldest daughter whose blog is becoming popular.  She sent me emails to taunt...you see, she had photo after photo accepted at Foodgawkers..how did she do that?  Natural light?  She is in Seattle, what sunshine?  It is too early in the season, isn't it? 

I accepted her challenge...I sent my photos in...aw, rejection once, twice, thrice...I get it.  I need to take a photography course!!  Maybe I need to buy another new camera....Maybe I chose the wrong one.  I do love my camera, though.  It must be the user.

I want to share my quilts with you.  No, they are not finished.  They are waiting for me to put on the binding.

This is the Rail Fence Quilt.  I just finished the class.  I have been quilting for a while but wanted to take the class to learn a few new methods and tricks.

Below is the fun one, the Princess Quilt.  This was a project with my co-workers.  There were nine of us, each making the same quilt.  Each person took the quilt down a different path with color but we all used the same appliques.  It was so much fun.  We met one night a week to share our quilt progress and challenges. It was fun to work together.  There will be nine lucky princesses out there!

Each of the appliques had jewels, ribbons, embroidery, buttons, sequins...everything befitting a princess!

So now that you know where I have been you will understand about needing a quick dessert.  One that is fresh and easy.  It is strawberry season.  They are abundant.  Many come from the coastal area and are sold on the "corner", a mini one man farmer's market, so to speak.  They are so sweet.

Many years ago at one of our gourmet dinners.  This was our dessert.  It is really quite simple.  Select beautiful, ripe strawberries.  Place sour cream in one dish, place brown sugar in another.  Dip a strawberry into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar...your taste buds will love you for this one!!

 Enjoy one, two, three, ten strawberries....
oh dear, you will need a few baskets of berries, not just one!


  1. Your quilts are beautiful, Kate. I've never made an aplique quilt but you've inspired me to consider it.

    This is my favorite way to serve strawberries, so simple but one of the tastiest. It's perfect for those days that just get too busy.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. Without question, this is one of my favorite summer desserts! Simple, elegant (especially as seen on your quilt!) and delicious.

    I adore your quilts, Kate. The Princess quilt is adorable and what fun to make it with a group..everyone doing a separate square. I've only done one in my life and probably will never to another. But I have a friend who was a former Pres. of the National Quilting Assn...whatever it is called... and her quilts are divine.

  3. MOST PRECIOUS quilt. ever. !

  4. Beautiful quilt, berries, and daughter's blog!

    This is my favorite way to eat strawberries...I grew up on them like that.....yum!

  5. Have to say, simple is good, those berries look luscious! and your quilts are gorgeous!

  6. Kate...don't give Foodgawkers a second thought. Your photography is beautiful. Your daughters blog is cute. Love the vintage pieces she is doing.

    Your quilts are beautiful..love them both, but the princess one is just so perfect. Good job!!

    I love your simple strawberry dessert. I often mix the sour cream and brown sugar to eat on fruit. So good!

  7. Mom, I would never taunt you! :-)

  8. The quilts are beautiful, Kate..
    And the strawberries look delicious too!
    If I worked full time I could never blog..no time!

  9. Love those strawberries and looks delicious too. You quilts are fantastic.

  10. this is a marvelous, magnificent speedy treat--lovely images! i love your quilts, too. ah, but to have such crafty talents. :)

  11. Your quilts are gorgeous (and your photos) and your dessert is perfect! Looking at your photos I am reminded that I miss quilting. Even without a current investment in that hobby, or a full time job, I am having my share of time management issues lately. I love the inspiration to keep it simple!

  12. Really nice pics. these look so delicious.

  13. Your quilts are adorable and the strawberries look delicious too!


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