Lime and Prawn Cocktail

Belonging to a gourmet group for over 25 years means that one acquires quite a few recipes. Some are wonderful and others are not. We all laugh about the "burnt oranges" that we were served for dessert many years ago....not sure what that recipe was all about but there wasn't a person at the table who would make it again! The look on everybody's face was priceless! That recipe would not sell a cookbook or bring anybody back to a restaurant where it was served!

This appetizer, though, always has me coming back. It is one of those quick appetizers that can be put together early in the day and left to marinate for the required four hours...I will be the first one to admit that I have let them marinate for only an hour on occasion. The longer, the better...

Lime and Prawn Cocktail

1 1/2 pounds (app 45 count) medium prawns, cooked, shelled, and deveined (pre-cooked shrimp work just as well)
1/2 - 1 tsp grated lime peel
1/4 cup each lime juice and very dry white wine
1/2 cup ketchup
3 or 4 drops liquid hot pepper seasoning

Place prawns in a deep bowl. In another bowl, stir together lime peel and juice, wine, ketchup, salt to taste, and hot pepper seasoning until blended.

Pour over prawns, tossing to coat thoroughly. Cover and chill at least four hours or until the next day.

To serve, transfer prawns and several tablespoons of marinade to a serving dish.


We never get tired of this flavor combination. It is delicious!


  1. I wondered what the ROUGE would be:)I can taste their crunch right now!

  2. This is a great simple recipe to make. I like the fact that pre-cooked shrimp can also be used.

  3. Wow, Kate! So these are crunchy, sweet, tangy and spicy? Yum!!

  4. Great recipe, Kate. Easy enough, tasty, spicy and made with shrimp- our favorite!

  5. I simply love prawns...these are to die for good looking!!!

  6. This would be a favorite at my house. We all love shrimp, and its so quick and easy. This recipe's a keeper, Kate.

  7. This looks awesome. I'm definitely using it! Thanks!



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