Cookbooks, Cooking Magazines, Clippings, Recipe Cards, and Random Printed Recipes!

The information age...ah, yes, I have accumulated an abundance of information. I have a cookbook collection that keeps growing, as I have no control when it comes to cookbooks. There are cookbooks on most every shelf in the exaggeration, but almost every shelf. There are the cookbooks that I read as you would a novel (aren't all cookbooks meant to be read from cover to cover?) Then there are the coffee table cookbooks. Everybody must have a few of those. You know, the ones that have such beautiful pictures that they are works of art.

I have almost every Bon Appetit printed since I started to subscribe about 25 years ago. I have every Fine Cooking magazine since it came into print...then there are the Cooks Illustrated, Cooking Light, Saveur, and Cuisine subscriptions, along with random magazines picked up at the market. I have yet to mention the internet with all of the bookmarked food related websites, food blogs and then the pages of printed recipes, saved recipes, and the piles of recipes that they yield. All are yet to be filed. Then, finally, the recipe cards neatly tucked away in multiple recipe boxes!

I do have information....and I do become indignant when my mom suggests that I really should not buy another cookbook....she tells me that I have enough. What? Not buy a new cookbook? How can she say that? That cookbook just might be "the one" that has the recipe for which I have been searching! "The one" to die for dessert, printed within the covers.

How does one organize a mess such as this? How does one finally make the decision that some cookbooks must go, most of the magazines must go, some of the clippings must go? I have been
trying to find a good way of organizing my resources and precious recipes. I have procrastinated and now the job has reached mammoth proportions!

I need recommendations! How does one manage too much information?


  1. I cannot be of help! About what to do w/ too much info:)

    I did enjoy perusing your book titles and think you are so lucky to have all of them including your magazines..Especially Fine Cooking~You ARE organized!

    I find I have a few photos albums bulging at the seams too w/ cut out tried recipes from the internet etc.. friends.. ..the list goes a stack and a half..big stack..toddller size:) Of TO TRY recipes!!

    Obviously this is a passion for you:) As well as for me:) And many many others..

    I don't have as many shoes as most..There..that must be redeeming;)

    Cute post!

  2. I just noticed this post-- I do like your blog a lot! I had the same problem. With a lot of magazines, I've switched to buying the annual editions-- Cuisine at Home and Fine Cooking. With Cook's Illustrated & Cook's Country, I've gone with their online subscription. I know, I know... some people want to hold the magazines in their hand, but I was feeing so cluttered! I also started checking out cookbooks from my library. I'm amazed how many I've found that way. If I see a recipe I like, I copy it and put it in a binder. Moreso, on the internet, I copy and paste it into my cookbook software. It sure has made things less cluttered.


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