Cheesecake Pop Celebration!

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday! I can't believe how quickly she has grown and become such a lovely young woman.

For her birthday she wanted to make the Cheesecake Pops that Bakerella posted. I had served them as dessert for Father's Day and they were a hit! The pops are so rich that one is the perfect dessert serving! (Especially after eating a few that couldn't quite stay on the stick and were less than beautiful.)

Yesterday the Birthday Girl decided that making some with red, white and blue sprinkles would be a good idea. We had a great time. They aren't perfect...but, practice makes perfect and I don't mind practicing making these!

The step by step explanation on Bakerella's blog is clear so I won't repeat it here. I would like to know how she gets hers so perfect!

These are fun to make! Kids of all ages enjoy playing in chocolate and sprinkles!


  1. these look supper! happy belated bday to your daughter and america~

  2. How festive is this!!! I have all the stuff but have never tried Bakerella's recipe. You've given me a push to try it. I know my grandchildren would love cake on a stick.

    Happy Birthday wishes to your precious girl.


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