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It is celebration time!  I finally got the tree trimmed and the house decorated!  I got a bit of a late start but managed to bring it all together and to celebrate, Mr. T and I enjoyed a Randy Reindeer.  Just what is a Randy Reindeer?  It is a cocktail created by Anna at Anna Dishes.  The cocktail is filled with wonderful Christmas flavors like cranberry, pomegranate, orange and, of course, a splash of bubbly.   To me the Randy Reindeer was the perfect selection for this month's recipe exchange group, Blogger CLUE.  Each month we are assigned a blog, a theme and challenged to find a recipe that matches the theme.  The December theme was celebration!  Cheers!

I first searched Anna's blog in March as Anna Dishes was my first Blogger CLUE assignment. I was happy to pay her a second visit!  Anna's blog is packed with "homegrown, flavor-packed recipe creations".  I saw so many celebration dishes that I would prepare such as Eggnog Rum Cake with White Chocolate Snow or Almost Magic Stuffed Mushrooms, but when I saw this cocktail...well, it was decided.

Randy Reindeer
adapted from Anna Dishes

Serves 6

2 1/2 cups Vodka
2 1/2 cups Pomegranate juice
2 1/2 cups Cranberry juice
1/2 cup Triple Sec
Brut Rose Sparkling Wine or Proseco

1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Cranberry juice

White or Red Sparkling Sugar for rimming the glasses

Do Ahead:  Prepare a syrup by combining one cup of brown sugar and one cup of cranberry juice. Simmer until the brown sugar has melted and the mixture becomes a thin syrup.  Cool to room temperature.  Do not refrigerate.

In a large pitcher combine the vodka, pomegranate juice and the cranberry juice.  Stir.  Next add the Triple Sec and about 1/4 cup of the brown sugar syrup.  Stir again.

In a small flat-bottomed dish, pour the sugar for rimming the glasses.  In a second flat-bottomed dish, pour some cranberry juice.  Dip the rim of your glass in the juice and then the sugar.

Place a few ice cubes in the glass and pour in the drink mixture.  Add a splash of bubbly and it is time to celebrate!


Note:  The original recipe calls for a bit of Peach Bitters.  We did not have any so it was omitted.  We also adjusted the amount of Triple Sec to meet our tastes.


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  1. Sounds like a great seasonal drink! Merry Christmas-time Kate:@)

  2. Looks like the perfect Christmas drink

  3. When I read the recipe to Bev I got the expected response - "oh yeah, print that out for me"

  4. What a marvelous holiday cocktail! And the name cracks me up :)

  5. Without even tasting the drink I can tell it's good, just by the name. It's so awesome. :)

  6. Oh my, what a lovely festive cocktail! Let's celebrate.

  7. What a terrific cocktail for this festive time of year! Cheers!

  8. Yes, ma'am. I think I have all the ingredients to make these!

  9. I just love the name of this cocktail! And that color is stunning, a perfect drink for this time of year.

  10. So glad you enjoyed this drink! It is one of my favorites and was so fun to create. Cheers! Hope you have a lovely holiday season. Happy Dishing!

  11. Love the name of this cocktail!!! Cheers!

  12. The color of this drink is just perfect for the holidays! Merry Christmas, Kate!


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