Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Avocado-Peach Salsa

I sometimes think that I do not show enough love for "the other white meat" and it is one of my favorites so I should pay homage to it more often, right?  Glad you agree.  That said, I am led to the reason that I am focusing on pork tenderloin....well, it is because it is time for The Secret Recipe Club.

And, when I perused the blog that I was assigned, I noticed that we are both in love with the same men.  What?  Men, you ask?  Yep.  Men....I mean no, not really.  What we share is a love for the recipes of two men who are chefs and cookbook authors.  There, that sounds better.

Now why would I think that?  It is because Julie, at White Lights on Wednesday and I both share a love for recipes by Alton Brown and Rick Bayless!  Okay, all silliness aside...let's get serious and do some cooking!

I was so excited when I first perused Julie's blog...oh my goodness, I couldn't focus.  Either I was really hungry and wanted to eat everything I saw, or there are some darn good recipes on her blog. I considered a Wine SmoothieCheddar Shrimp Nachos, Potato Pancakes, or Gingerbread Waffles....need I go on?  I finally got it narrowed down to three items and guess what? I made all three...I couldn't resist.  Julie claims to be a carboholic and a Guinness and bacon loving cook!  She loves to cook but she says she hates doing dishes and therefore is the queen of sink Jenga!  Ha.  I do know that we loved the Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Avocado-Peach Salsa, Rick Bayless recipe, that she shared.

So today, I am singing praises Julie's blog, White Lights on Wednesday, Rick Bayless and pork tenderloin!

It was a great dinner...the pork was nicely flavored, tender and the salsa was delicious.  The only trouble I had was finding peaches....there aren't any this time of year.  Thank goodness I had some stashed in the freezer!

Grilled Pork Tenderloin 
with Avocado-Peach Salsa

1 pork tenderloin (about 2 1/2 pounds)
1 16 oz. jar Arriba! Fire Roasted Mexican Red Salsa
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 red onion cut into 1/2-inch thick slices
1/2 cup ripe peaches, peeled, pitted and diced
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
2 tsp lemon zest
1 firm-ripe avocado, halved, pitted, peeled and diced
Salt to taste

Prepare the tenderloin by removing the silver skin and excess fat. Cut the tenderloin into 3 equal pieces.

Mix together all but 1/4 cup of the salsa, the Worcestershire sauce and the balsamic vinegar.  Place the tenderloin pieces into a large ziplock bag.  Add the marinade mixture.  Turn the pork to coat it with the marinade.  Squeeze out any excess air and seal the bag.  Lay the bag in a pie tin and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Grill the onions and pork over medium heat.  Turn the onions and pork and baste generously with the marinade.  Cook until the onions are browned.  The pork is done when a meat thermometer registers 150° F.  Remove the pork and place on a cutting board, tent with foil.

Chop the onions and place in a bowl.  (I did not use the entire onion.  I only chopped up one of the slices.)  Add the reserved salsa, peaches, parsley, lemon zest and avocado. Toss gently to combine. Season with salt, to taste.  Cut the pork into thin slices and serve with the salsa.


We enjoyed Julie's recipe.  I love different salsa combinations and this was light and fresh.  Next time I might use cilantro instead of parsley just to compare.   Thank you Julie for sharing your wonderful blog with me!


  1. What a delicious pairing of flavors. That salsa sounds healthy too.

  2. Oh, my! This look absolutely delectable. Thanks for sharing with the SRC.

  3. I love most Bayless recipes, and this one is no exception. I'll take mine tucked into warmed tortillas, please.

  4. hubby would love this one! Great SRC choice!
    xoxo from London

  5. I too love the pairing of flavors. Here's to eating more pork.

  6. Yum! I've got two pork tenderloins in the freezer right now...this might make the menu this week.

  7. sounds wonderful I am sure the salsa was fantastic!

  8. Oh sounds really good! I have a pork tenderloin already marinating...otherwise I would have jumped on making your recipe for dinner tonight. Next time!

  9. My family loves pork tenderloin(me too). This looks really good.


  10. Hi Kate,
    This is a beautiful tenderloin, great recipe and excellent presentation. It's fun cooking with you in the SRC!
    Miz Helen

  11. Oh man that salsa has me wanting to lick the screen! What a wonderful choice for this months SRC.

  12. This salsa is a great addition to this recipe. Visiting from SRC B!

  13. wow! that salsa sounds divine! pork is my favorite meat and I've made a peach relish before, but the addition of avocado sounds so awesome! I'm new in SRC and happy to be in Group B!

  14. This looks terrific. The avocados add a wonderful creaminess to the salsa and help cool down the spiciness a bit. Great combination!

  15. I bet this was a great combination of flavors.


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