Cremated Chicken

It is nice to have good friends.  You know the friends, the ones that you have known forever and feel totally comfortable with...the ones with whom you have intertwining histories....memories....stories.  These are the kind of friends who are always got married about the same time...had children about the same time...celebrated birthdays and holidays together...and shared many dinners and bottles of wine over the years.

The kind of friends that you can have wait forever for the delayed dinner and they don't mind.  We share appetizers, wine and stories and wait for the slow-grilled chicken.   It had olive oil, wine, garlic and rosemary marinade...grilled on a low temperature and squeezed with lemon juice before taking from the grill.  Slowly grilling...filling the air with its wonderful aroma...

Why not have another glass of wine while waiting....the temperature isn't quite there...anticipation...hunger....better check back in on the chicken....

Grease fire! Quick...take the chicken....too late...  600° F of late!  What?  The bones on the end of the legs melted away?  That is hot!  Poor Mr. T....what to tell the wife and the guests?   Easy...looks like we have cremated chicken....

Maybe we can cut off a layer and find some chicken...great idea but doubt that it will work....  we did cut down and find a piece of chicken to taste test....  well, we learned that ash on any bite takes over and it is like eating an ashtray.  Yuck....

A few laughs and jokes and another glass of wine...what shall we have for dinner?  We did have Greek Giant Beans simmering in the crock pot, a nice fresh Greek salad and a yummy dessert waiting....what shall we do?  The men jumped into action....Mr. T grabbed a half empty package from the friend drove home (just down the street) and appeared with another package....

It was a fun evening...another story to add to the many we have shared...  It is nice to have good friends!


  1. It is definitely nice to have good friends who can have a laugh over dinner no matter what the outcome.

  2. Oh boy, I've been there! Sounds like you had a nice night though:@)

  3. I love the way you wrote this post and were willing to laugh at the situation. I like my chicken with a little black on it but not sure about this much. Grilled wieners are always a great fill in, especially if you keep having another glass of wine and have friends to share the situation with. Great post Kathy.

  4. Great post. I was getting ready to say to myself "order pizza" but hot dogs to the rescue. Better yet.

  5. What a fun post. It's wonderful to be among people who can laugh at life and go on. I loved every minute of this one.

  6. Love this! So glad it happened with "good" friends.

  7. It seems when things go wrong, the best memories are created! :)

  8. It's great you can laugh about it! I've had cremated chicken a time or two, and didn't realize it!

  9. Happens to us all, doesn't it? And makes for the best memories....


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