Devils on Horseback with a Kick

Happy Halloween!

Mr. T came in from the garden with a couple handfuls of jalapeños.  He wandered around the kitchen trying to decide what to do with them....then it came to him, "What would Big Dude do?"  Mr. T has taken to following Larry's blog, Big Dude's Eclectic Ramblings.  Larry is a fun guy who likes to cook and likes to travel.  Pay him a visit if you haven't already....

Mr. T reached in the refrigerator and pulled out the bacon and a container of dates.  He then began to seed the dates, sliver the jalapeño, and cut the bacon slices in half.  He then stuffed each date with a sliver of jalapeno and then wrapped the bacon around the date.  He used a toothpick to secure the bacon and placed each "bite" into a baking dish.  The little devils were baked in the oven at 425 degrees F.

I have been in the Czech Republic, Germany, and France since the 15th but I will be home late today with great foods to share!


  1. I know that my husband would be crazy about this recipe.

  2. Happy travels home.
    The recipe sounds easy and yummy too.

  3. omg, love the "What would Big Dude Do" LOVE it! One of my favorite restaurants serves a bacon wrapped date. Love the addition of jalapeno.

  4. I do follow Larry! This recipe looks great. Big Dude would love this one.

    Safe travels.


  5. Looks great Terry - everythings better wrapped in bacon. Thanks for the shout out and I love your asking what would I do?

  6. These sound fantastic! Safe travels!

  7. Larry always has great recipes. Mr. T. did a great job with this dish - it looks fantastic!


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