Riding the Rails

While at the lake this summer I discovered a new "sport", riding the rails which is actually known as railbiking.  Okay, I was in...what do you do?  On what?  What about the trains?  And the adventure begins...what?  No, not me.  I was the happy, intrigued photographer trying to catch the group as they cruised the rails.

First off what kind of contraption is used to ride the rails?  Well, a bicycle of course. 

Not just any bicycle, but one that has had guidewheels and an outrigger attached to it.

Who does this?  Is it popular?  Well, a group of guys spent a few days in the area riding the Oregon rails.  The trains had not been running between Coos Bay and Eugene for a few years so in my mind, no problem.  The members of this adventurous group were from multiple countries, sharing the one thing that they loved, riding the rails and seeing the countryside and wildlife that most folks never do.  They had pedaled in many countries and mentioned that they had actually taken the rails across Argentina! 

I can see this becoming a popular activity but not one without risk.  My mom always told me not to play on the train tracks.  Good advice. 

What about riding on them?  Well, it takes some research on the part of the rider. 

Are the tracks in use?  If they are in use, when does the train run? 

What happens if the schedule changes and you are surprised?

What if you forgot something and had to return to camp and find yourself on the train tressel with track repair equipment coming your direction?  Do you pedal faster?  Where do you go when there is a tunnel?  Well, getting out of the way is good advice. One can only hope that there is a place for the rider to get out of the way!

One would not want the light at the end of the tunnel to actually be a train!

And it is not...

Wow, what a way to see the countryside, the trees, lakes, rivers and wildlife. 

Wednesday rolled around quickly...it is time to share the great outdoors with one another!  Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosts Outdoor Wednesday.  Stop by and take a look at the many outdoor acitivies.


  1. Wow is right~ There would be some incredible scenery~ great photos! I'm afraid I'd be too much of a chicken :-)

  2. Wonderful photos and post. It is a great way to see the scenery and the wildlife. But it is scary to me, I wouldn't do it.

  3. Great photos and story; however, I won't be riding those rails anytime soon. I still stop at a track crossing here in town--that hasn't been used in thirty years!!


  4. Great pictures and post.Not sure If I would ride the rails...

  5. Amazing, I've never heard of this. It sounds like fun but I think I would always be nervous about that oncoming train. Nice post, Kate.

  6. After 81 years, I thought I had seen most everything. I never saw anyone riding a bicycle on the railroad tracks. That is amazing and I would be too scared.

  7. Ditto, I haven't seen folks riding the rails using a bicycle. mmmm, sounds dangerous to me.
    Joyce M

  8. Those pictures are beautiful! I've never heard of rail riding. How fun & scary at the same time!

  9. That's something I have never seen before. Told mu husband about it and he said they probably had more fun building the contraptions then pedaling at their age. Cool post.

  10. That was really interesting, Kate! I have never seen that before. Neat contraption!

  11. That's a bit of a thrill. Great story.

  12. Amazing...I've never seen that before. Scary too. This was such a fun post!

  13. That is amazing! There are so many tracks not in use anymore...it would be quite an adventure! Great post!


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