White Pizzas with Arugula

I was a bit trepidatious when I saw the Barefoot Blogger selected recipe for today, White Pizza with Arugula. I wasn't certain if I was going to be a fan of goat cheese nor arugula on pizza. In addition, this was my first attempt at making pizza dough from scratch. So I did what I do best in these situations, I procrastinated!

I must have read the directions four or five times before starting...one should always read everything before doing anything, right? No problem here...I can follow directions really well...I knew I could do this...

You can imagine how tickled I was when the dough actually doubled in size as it was supposed to do! Then, when divided, covered with a cool cloth, and left to raise for 10 more minutes, it again cooperated!

I knew that I just might have pizza dough!

I dutifully, prepared the garlic thyme oil while I waited for the dough to raise nicely. The garlic didn't burn....I has half way there!

Oil brushed, salted, peppered, cheese on top, oil drizzled. Ready for the oven!

The final step.....arugula with a lemon vinaigrette.

I must admit, this pizza was amazing. The combination of flavors is what makes this a wonderful tasty lunch or dinner!

This recipe is from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics by Ina Garten. It is posted on foodnetwork.com. You can get the recipe here.

Andrea of Nummy Kitchen selected this recipe for Barefoot Bloggers to prepare. Thank you, Andrea, for making me stretch and try this delightful pizza!

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White Pizzas with Arugula was well worth the time and effort that was spent.


  1. I love white pizzas and yours looks terrific.I just never liked arugulas..

  2. Great job Kate! Love your detailed pictures. I had some doubt too, but it was easy and very good.

  3. Great job on your pizzas, they look amazing! I love that you got to try something new and liked the end result, and your first homemade pizza dough looks like a success as well :) Thanks for cooking along with me!

  4. Lovely pictures. I was a bit scared of the dough but it was remarkably easy (I rarely read the recipe first and as I result I often forget things...)

  5. That looks excellent!

    I have tried many diff pizza doughs..so this one is really good??

    from Ina's part of the US!

  6. this pizza was seriously amazing. I wish I had another piece. The dough was great. You did a really good job on yours.

  7. Your's look delicious, I did not have the arugula with mine but will do again

  8. Glad to discover you are a fellow procrastinator! I only made mine yesterday ie posting day (although the fact that we are about 15 hrs ahead of the US means I still posted on time). Definitely worth the last minute panic, wasn't it?

  9. Oh, my! This looks amazing. Goat cheese and rocket are two of my favorite things. Add pizza and I'm in heaven!

  10. Yikes! Two recipes in a row I didn't have time to make-- I might get booted out of BB's. SIGH...however, you did a fantastic job! I so wanted to make this, but work and life got crazy for me. I'll still make it, though. The oil and garlic and herbs in the pot...beautiful!

  11. Kate is looks amazing..I am a big fan of arugula and pizza,,Good job!


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