It Was A Chocolate Day!

Have you ever had a day that started off pleasant enough, the weather was nice, it was sunny, there wasn't much traffic on the way to work, and it was Thursday, almost Friday! Well, that is the way the day started. It didn't take long for it to deteriorate into a day that was intense, really intense, an analyze everything type of day.

About mid morning it became very apparent that it was a chocolate day. I needed chocolate. That doesn't happen very often but the need for chocolate consumed me. I searched...every candy dish in the department was empty or contained something not as exciting as chocolate. What was a person to do?

I went back to the meeting to continue analyzing, scrutinizing, intensely discussing....what was happening? How can one item demand so much attention? How can I want chocolate so badly? What? There is another item to discuss before lunch? Okay, I need kahlua with my chocolate! Well, that wasn't going to happen and since I had no chocolate I decided I needed lunch.

So went the eyes glazed over and my brain turned to mush by the time the late afternoon meeting time arrived....oh, yes, I would love to discuss our findings! I needed to go home.

When I got home, I knew I was baking something with chocolate. I was so lucky to have all of the ingredients on hand. I was so lucky that Debby at A Feast for the Eyes posted her Texas Sheet Cake recipe.

I methodically went through the steps. I needed chocolate...NOW!

Just before putting the pan in the oven I realized that I had put in salt but no soda. Back to the recipe, what did I miss? Okay, soda is listed...great, the cake was in the pan....what to do?

I had to give the cake a chance...I wanted chocolate!

I sprinkled the soda on top of the cake and tried to mix it into the batter as best I could. That wasn't very pretty.

Great, everything is going to raise but the corners. If I am at least a little lucky, and the day wasn't going my way, the cake would raise higher than the sole of my shoe.

I did get some chocolate. Warm chocolate. I hear that there are fewer calories if it is warm. I sure hope so.

I had more that one piece. I will try the recipe again and just maybe I will put some kahlua in the frosting. Thank you Debby for the great recipe and helping me get some chocolate! If you would like to see the recipe, please visit Debby at A Feast for the Eyes she shares some wonderfully delicious recipes!


  1. Boy oh boy don't these look just amazing! I was having a chocolate day recently as well! ;0)

  2. Oh man, I need to just store those in my desk at school. Because with my students this year, I can tell that every day is going to be chocolate day.

  3. there are some days when you really need chocolate. Today is also one of those days..*sob*

  4. WOW...I love Texas Sheet Cake and have not made one in years! Looks so rich with chocolate, I'd love a piece with some vanilla ice cream, please!


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