Watermelon-Tequila Granita - SRC

Timing is everything!  That is exactly the feeling I had when I got my Secret Recipe Club assignment for July.....timing...it couldn't have been more perfect.  You might ask, "Why?"  Let me tell you why. First, it was 111 degrees outside.  There was a touch of humidity.  It was miserable.  Second, I was not budging from the house.  Third, I had guests coming for dinner.  And fourth, I had watermelon.

But, fifth, and most importantly, I was assigned Camilla's lovely blog, Culinary Adventures with Camilla!  I have been in group B for over a year and have been waiting for this assignment.  Camilla is a sweetheart!  She has an unending amount of energy.  She is the mother of three boys and describes herself as "a tree-hugging, veggie-crunching, jewelry-designing mean mommy who loves to cook but hates to clean."  She has spent time as a florist, waitress, SCUBA dive master, stock photo agency manager, stroller fitness teacher, writer, editor, and au pair. She also lived and worked in Rome where she learned to cook.  Camilla visited the markets, talked to farmers and fishmongers, and pestered them to learn how to prepare various dishes that are now part of her repertoire. I should be that lucky! 

On this day, I immediately started looking for an appetizer or dessert.  Company was coming. The Champiñones al Ajillo and Prawn Ceviche with Avocados sounded heavenly.  We would have enjoyed either one with a glass of wine.  We would have enjoyed both....but on another day.  My search led me to desserts.  I was looking for something refreshing and light and I found it: Watermelon -Tequila Granita!

Watermelon-Tequila Granita....it was like finding gold!  Or, was my tequila gold?  Hmmm...I think it was both.  This was super easy, super refreshing, super tasty and just all around wonderful!  With or without the tequila it was wonderful....  

It is an adult snowcone....and the syrup is tequila!

Watermelon-Tequila Granita

6 cups seedless watermelon, cubed
3/4 cup granulated sugar
Juice from one Meyer lemon
One shot of tequila per serving

Place the watermelon cubes, sugar and lemon juice in a blender. Purée until smooth.  

Pour the mixture into a large casserole dish (or any flat container).  Freeze the mixture for 1 hour. Run a fork across the surface of the mixture to break up any large frozen parts.  Repeat the process every hour until frozen.  It will take 3-4 hours to freeze.

Prior to serving let the granita soften just a bit on the counter.  Drag the fork through the granita to create ice flakes.  

To serve, spoon the granita into individual bowls or glasses and pour a shot of tequila over the top.

Garnish with a few mint leaves.



  1. I love it... an adult snowcone!!
    I wonder if they would let me have one at the office? Hmm :)
    Great SRC choice!

  2. This sounds so fun and so... delicious!

  3. Your description of Adult Snowcones is perfect :)

  4. *snort Adult snowcone indeed! Yum, and it was a joy to read your post!

  5. Adult snowcone for sure! The a/c at work is on the fritz and I really wish I could reach through the computer screen and snag one!

  6. This looks so refreshing! Love the "adult snowcone" description too. :)

  7. What a perfect summer dessert!

  8. This would make a fantastic adult dessert for summer!

  9. That's my kind of snow cone!

  10. Hi
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe!
    Looks awesome!


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