Bar Eggs aka Pickled Eggs

When Easter rolled around the first year that Mr. T and I were married, I said that I was going to make pickled eggs.  My being from the east coast and his being from the west coast, he didn't expect the pretty redish-pinkish pickled eggs and beets that I presented.  His concept of pickled eggs were the kind that he had eaten when he was in college and was able to go to Joe Jost's in Long Beach.

Joe Jost's opened in 1924, during prohibition, and was a barber shop and  pool hall.  It has almost 90 years of history to back up its status as a Long Beach institution.  Going to Joe Jost's means three things:  a schooner of beer, a tasty "Joe's Special" sandwich and pickled eggs!

Mr. T wanted to make "the" pickled eggs and the search for a recipe began.  It was tough in the days before the internet....what did a person do?  Well, I combed cookbooks and the food section of the LA Times that was published each Wednesday.  One day I found a pickled egg recipe!  I had no idea if it was "the" pickled egg recipe, but it was worth a try.

Bar Eggs aka Pickled Eggs

2 dozen hard-cooked eggs, peeled (use the smallest eggs available)
3 to 4 cups distilled white vinegar
1 (16 oz) jar sweet cherry peppers, drained (Mr. T substitutes 10-12 hot chili peppers.)
6 cloves garlic, halved
3 bay leaves
1 tsp chopped chives
1 tsp  crushed red peper
1 tsp peppercorns
1 tsp whole all spice, optional
1 tsp salt
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 to 1 tsp turmeric

Place hard-cooked eggs in a clean glass or ceramic jar with a cover.  Add vinegar, cherry or chili peppers, garlic bay leaves, chives, red pepper, peppercorns, allspice, salt, mustard seeds and turmeric.  Cover and allow eggs to age overnight.

Serve each egg with a pepper.  Eggs will keep without refrigeration up to  one month but will  become more pungent in flavor.


Mr. T said that they were close...close enough...

For fun I did a little searching and I think I will surprise him by trying out a new recipe....just to see if we can get even closer to the original!

I am sharing at Foodie Friday hosted by Michael at Designs by Gollum.


  1. I've made the red beet pickled eggs and these sure are different than that! Sounds like a fun quest to be on:@)

  2. They are pretty too!I made the beet ones also:)

  3. And you say I'm adventurous! I've never tried pickled eggs before but I must say yours look really good. As always, gorgeous photography!

  4. I love the color of these eggs. My husband's grandmother used to make a version of pickled eggs with beet juice - they were purple on the outside. Very festive looking. Have a great weekend.


  5. These look yummy! I've only recently discovered pickled eggs, but they're delicious!

  6. I might would try these....I do love the color!
    Have a wonderful weekend..

  7. If Mr. T declared them close enough, then I think you did good. I don't think I've had a pickled egg, but you've certainly make them look pretty Kate. Glad you pleased Mr. T.

  8. Like you, I thought all pickled eggs came from a jar of beet juice, but I can envision the Long Beach version being very good.

  9. I saw these when Butter Yum pinned them & came running over to find out how to make them! Wouldn't they be beautiful for Easter? I, too, have done the beet juice/purple ones & I think a combination of the two colors on a tray would look AWESOME! Taste good, too!

    GORGEOUS photos!! Thank you for the recipe. I shall try them out very soon.


  10. My father used to make pickled eggs all the time. They stayed in the refrigerator for a few months fine. I think I'll make some using your recipe,too. My father didn't have much of a recipe, just vinegar, salt and pepper. I'm now your new follower.

  11. I have heard of pickled eggs, but have never seen them! I, too, have the "red" variety and love them. Wouldn't pickled eggs look "lovely" w/red & purple ones at Easter?? yummmm
    Pink Hugs,

  12. Awesome ive never expect this, never heard it also this is my first time saw pickle egg ahaa. now im wondering what it taste like.

  13. Have always wanted a recipe for these! Keep us posted if you find a better one.


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