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The hills are alive!  The rains have brought wildflowers, buzzing bees, whispering breezes, blue skies and sunshine!  This scene brings music to my heart.  It has been at least four years since I have been able to enjoy this kind of landscape profuse with wildflowers!  It is truly a celebration of spring!

In celebration of spring, hill after hill of wildflowers and the over abundance of lemons on our trees this year, I am serving Sgroppino al Limon!  And, just what is a Sgroppino?  Quite simply, it is an Italian Cocktail.  It is a slushy cocktail that combines lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco.  In Italy it is used as a palate cleanser, a pre-dinner drink or a dessert.  I say cheers to any of the three reasons to partake of Sgroppino al Limon!  And, I add my own celebration of spring!

I had never heard of a Sgroppino al Limon until I had an opportunity to visit Amy's Cooking Adventures.  Her photos immediately said spring, refreshing, and celebration!  I had to make this drink, so my adventure began.  Amy said that she thought regular vodka was too overpowering in the drink, so she made a Lemon Infused Vodka.  I immediately marched to the lemon tree and began the harvest.  One pint of Lemon Infused Vodka coming up!

Of course, I had to add the Vodka Marinated Blackberries which led me to the store.  (Do you think this is starting to sound like Numeroff's If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?)  While at the store I realized that I needed to pick up some lemon gelatto.  Sounds easy enough....but, no lemon gelatto. Four grocery stores and two ice cream shops later I contemplated making lemon ice cream but settled for lemon sorbet.  Good thing the weather was nice I had spent most of the day driving around town!

Was it worth it?  You bet!  I intend to serve this at our next opportunity for a celebration.  It was mighty tasty.

adapted from Amy's Cooking Adventures

1 cup lemon sorbet (Lemon gelatto or lemon ice cream may be substituted.)
4 ice cubes
2 oz (1/4 cup) lemon infused vodka
1 cup dry prosecco (Champagne or any sparkling wine may be substituted.)

This slices of lemon
Vodka marinated blackberries
Lemon zest for garnish

Place the first four ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.  Pour the mixture into frosted party glasses and garnish with any of the items listed.


Today is reveal day for the Blogger Clue Society.  This is a group of bloggers who each month are paired with another food blogger, given a theme, and set off to explore our assigned blog. Our objective is to track down a recipe that matches the month's theme and that we are excited about making. For March the Blogger CLUE theme is Happy Easter and that means Celebration!  Amy's Cooking Adventures my assigned blog is a wonderful blog!  I had so much fun exploring.

Amy grew up appreciating the family sitting down together for a home-cooked meal!  This is a lady after my heart.  While being in the kitchen wasn't always Amy's favorite spot to be, she grew to love the adventures she began having as she prepared healthy, nutritious meals for her family.  She found that taking risks in the kitchen was enjoyable and has shared her adventure with us.

Amy's blog was so much fun to explore!  At first, I found myself focused on St. Patrick's Day which is a favorite holiday of Amy's and I marked a number of recipes to revisit such as her Drunken Irish Stew and Thin Mint Irish Cream Coffee.  I then got distracted....I saw her Mississippi Mudslide! Eventually, I realized that I really needed to focus on lemons...and you know the rest of the story.

Today is Blogger CLUE Society's opportunity to share celebration recipes with you.  I hope that you will enjoy exploring them as much as I enjoyed pursuing Sgroppino al Limon!


  1. Your wildflower pictures are spectacular. What a way to welcome spring. If it's got lemon in it, count me in. What a nice refreshing drink. I would like it as a palate cleaner.

  2. What views:) The Sound Of Music:)The glasses are perfect!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Kathy! And this cocktail?? LOVE it!!! It's like a dessert and cocktail in one :)

  4. Kate, You finally got rain and then that explosion of floral beauty! Welcome to spring... The Sgroppino al Limon falls right into my wife's hot zone! She makes a fine bourbon slushy but your version is even better for the summer and for brunch. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Such beautiful photos. I enjoy all things lemony and the sgroppino sounds like a nice drink

  6. Yes please. I will take one right away. Your photographs are so beautiful!

  7. This does sound absolutely perfect for a Spring celebration and if it comes from Amy I can pretty much be sure it is going to be delicious.

  8. Those flowers look so beautiful! Thank you so much for the kind words! I am so glad you picked this yummy springtime cocktail! I bet it's even better with lemons you grew yourself!

  9. I've only seen the CA hills when they are brown and would like to be there some spring so see them alive.

  10. Oh my, do these sound lovely!! They really do shout out Spring! A perfect choice! Beautiful photos…very nice post!

  11. I had to call my husband to my office so he could see the photos of your flower-strewn hills. They're spectacular. The drink is also, though I have to admit that I got hung up on the vodka soaked blackberries. I don't know that I'd be able to resist eating them all before they had a chance to be used as a garnish. :)

  12. I have all the things to make this. Yay! Must try it soon.

  13. How beautiful! I'd love to sip on that while looking at those views! Lemon and Spring are a perfect pair, and this cocktail is definitely one I would enjoy.


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