Puro Fairtrade Coffee Review

Recently, I was offered some coffee to review.  Never having  reviewed a product before, I wasn't certain if that was something I wanted to do.  But, I do love to smell coffee beans and since the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing is heavenly, I decided why not....I enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes with a little snack in the afternoon!  Besides, it is not just coffee...it is the environment!

Puro is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and owned by the Belgium Company, Miko which has been roasting coffee for 212 years!  I was very impressed with how important the environment is to Puro.  Through the Puro brand, alongside Fairtrade, they want to communicate the threat to the rainforest and the need to preserve it. 

Did you know that after oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world?  Imagine the amount of coffee consumed every day all over the world. By putting messages on their cups and sharing their stories and videos with clients and consumers, they believe that they can help to make a difference. They want to show other companies that the people and our planet are just as important as profit. 

They have teamed up with The World Land Trust to help make their dream a reality.  The World Land Trust is a UK based land conservation charity whose patron is Sir David Attenborough. The World Land Trust conserves biodiversity by protecting threatened habitats and in co-operation with local partners and communities, helps to ensure they are managed sustainably.

Thanks to Puro's ethically and environmentally conscious consumers, Puro has saved over 8,511 acres of rainforest in Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil.  The land has been purchased and is protected against logging.  New species have also been found in the area since they became reserves:  1 tree, 12 orchids and a frog!!  This is a company that I can get behind.  A company that is reinvesting in the countries where their coffee is grown and preserving the environment is a good thing!

You may be interested in this short clip about the Puro story.

When the package arrived I was really excited!  It came in a wooden box lined with burlap.  Inside were three packages of coffee:  Puro Organic, Puro Noble and Puro Fuerte as well as individual packets of hot chocolate and brown sugar!  Let the fun begin....

Each bag had a hand-written label telling the type of coffee, origin. and a description.

Puro Organic:  
Type: Fairtrade, Organic, Shade Grown
Origins: Peru and Honduras
Finest Arabica content: 100%
Description: This amazingly delicate blend is distinctive in flavor. It combines beautifully soft notes of chocolate with tangy citrus.  

To me this was a light blend making the cup of coffee perfect for an afternoon break...when it is time for things to slow down.   It made for a nice and relaxing break!

Puro Noble
Type: Fairtrade, Shade Grown
Origins: Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and Congo
Finest Arabica content: 80%
Premium Robusta content: 20%
Description: Rich and lively medium roast with hints of fruit and hazelnut.

This made a very nice cup of coffee!  One that could be enjoyed anytime of day and perfect with a little snack.  It will help to "keep you going"...

Puro Fuerte

Type: Fairtrade, Shade Grown
Origins: Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and Congo
Finest Arabica content: 50%
Premium Robusta content: 50%
Description: A fragrant, dark roast with a touch of spice and a full body.

This was my favorite "good morning" cup of coffee!  It was cup of robust wake-me-up!  I like the dark roast, it was fragrant and had a great flavor that was perfect for my morning cup.  This coffee is the perfect match to the Banana Snack Cake that I made to accompany this robust cup of coffee.

No cup of coffee is complete without a little snack.  The Banana Snack Cake I made was best with the Puro Noble and the Puro Fuerte.  Both of those blends stood up to the snack.  

Puro Coffee can be found in Europe, Australia and most recently, Canada.  It is the coffee served at all National Trust sites and in some restaurants and businesses.  Making Puro Coffee available in the United States is in the works...look for it....enjoy a great cup of coffee and help to save the environment at the same time!


  1. What a treat to get to review special products. Your cake does sound like the perfect combination to go along with the coffee tasting.

  2. What a treat..and what a lovely presentation..
    Love the packaging!

  3. This sounds lovely! We get lots of great coffee in Seattle, but so many of us forget where exactly our coffee comes from. This is a great reminder.

  4. How fun! Your banana cake looks like the perfect accompaniment to a delicious cup of coffee!

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