Titus Canyon, Death Valley

Last week I shared how amazed I was at the topography of Death Valley.  One of our day excursions included a drive through Titus Canyon.  It was filled with spectacular land formations.  I took so many pictures that it was difficult for me to narrow down what I wanted to share.  I finally categorized the pictures and decided that I would share plants, ghost towns, mining towns and additional petroglyphs in the future.

I hope you enjoy taking this brief tour of Titus Canyon.

I was drawn to this picture to show you the multi-colored beds or layers, colors and curves Red Pass.

The angle of the layers that formed this mountain fascinated me.

More layers and angles...I think I really liked this one for the plant, the mountains and the contrasting sky.

Can you believe the colors?

This is Red Pass and its "Hoodoos".  Hoodoos are spires of soft rock capped with harder rock.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Death Valley, don't miss taking a drive through Titus Canyon.

Today is Outdoor Wednesday and I am happy to be able to send this over to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.  Be sure to take time to visit her and the wonderful winter outdoor excursions being shared.


  1. Oh how neat, Love all of the rock texture

  2. I'll be in California soon, I so wish I had time to drive there, your photos are great:)

  3. Interesting rock formations. Having lived my entire life in the East, when I travel to or see photos of the West, it's hard to believe it's the same country.

  4. Loved this post, Kate. The colors, the hoodoos, fascinating!

  5. Such stark landscape but so beautiful.

  6. Who would think Death Valley would be so awesome. I was there when I was a kid but don't remember it much.
    Joyce M


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